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- Altogether the three Republicans won 57 percent
- Your security system should have alarms
- Just another source of cost and replacement labor
- The built-in microprocessor system can control the luminous intensity
- LED let you use either normal white light

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 I need to be a genius with the second case, which I know is going to be harder and a bit more involved and surely involve something physical. So they took me in to the room with the second person just behind the screen. And there was a man standing there with no pants on. And I thought that's a bit of a hint about where I'll be heading. And they said, we'd like you to examine this gentleman's scrotal mass, his - yeah. So I went down - went down on my knees, and I started - I thought, no, no, no. No, no, don't touch it first. There's a rule. Like, we had 10 things to do to a lump -10 things to do to a lump. I needed to do all 10 of them, and I needed to do them in a reasonable order.So I went down on my knees and went, whoa, whoa, like checking the whole scrotum out. So they go, yes, he inspected first. And then it's hands to the scrotum for the palpation. And straight away I could feel it was a varicocele of the - of the - yeah. And so I knew what it was and I thought, great. But then I thought, no, no, not great, because if you turn around now and tell them what it is, you've only done 2 out of the 10 things you do to a lump - progragitated (ph), inspection, palpation, percussion, auscultation.

I put on my stethoscope and I listened to it, because that's what you do to a lump. And I gradually worked my way through, sensing that they were nodding. And then I got to about number eight. OK - transilluminate - can I shine my torch through this mass? So I passed my hand between his thighs and lit it from behind. There's no Led Bulb Light coming through. And then I've got one more to do. What is it? Does it transmit a coughing pulse? OK. So I cup the scrotum in my hands, and I said to the man, could you please turn your head and cough? And he turned his head, and instead of coughing, he said, there's the Pope. And that's when I thought, I'm going to fail this exam now, because, of course, I should have diagnosed his psychotic illness when I came in, and it's not testicular at all. But then I got my chin up on the window ledge and looked out the window, and down there was the Pope. (LAUGHTER) EARLS: So it was the one day in history that the Pope has visited Brisbane. And Pope John Paul II said mass at QEII Stadium on the South side, and he was on his way back into the city in the papal cavalcade, and there he was. And I was, you know, on my knees, cupping a scrotum. (LAUGHTER) EARLS: And he stopped the Popemobile, and he looked up.

And because we're a hospital, he looked up and he very slowly started to bless us. And the man is going, can you believe that? That's the Pope. He's looking right at us. I'm going, yeah, you've got no pants on. (LAUGHTER) EARLS: And they - and he was talking about the Pope, and I could hear the examiners behind me talking about the Pope. And I thought, maybe I can release the scrotum now. (LAUGHTER) EARLS: So I let go and quietly backed away on my knees as the pants-less man and my examiners just crapped on about the Pope for the next 10 minutes. He looked right up at us. Do you believe that? He looked right at me. Who would have thought the Pope would - blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then the buzzer went off, and my exam was over.

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- Altogether the three Republicans won 57 percent

- Your security system should have alarms

- Just another source of cost and replacement labor

- The built-in microprocessor system can control the luminous intensity

- LED let you use either normal white light

- Light bulbs are often available in a variety of colors

- LED light bars have proven to be most effective

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